Willowbank Windows (herinafter called “the installer”) hereby guarantee for a period of ten (10) years the fitting and the white and woodgrain upvc materials incorporated in the installation from the invoice date, being the date of practical completion of the installation (herein after called the “guarantee period”).  In accordance with industry practice, sealed units are guaranteed for a period of ten (10) years and all hardware, upvc panels, ancillaries and rainwater goods carry the manufacturers’ guarantee which will be honoured by the installer. If any defect develops in the installation and is reported in writing to the installer within the Guarantee Period and is proved to be due to the use of faulty material by the installer, the installer will rectify the defect without charge to the customer. The installer’s liability under this guarantee shall be limited to the price paid by the customer to the installer for the installation. Subject to the following terms and conditions;


There shall be no liability under this guarantee in respect of:

  • Broken items.
  • Fair wear and tear or the action of light.
  • Any defect arising in the installation or affected section of the installation if any work has been executed by a third party other than appointed or approved by the installer.
  • Consequential loss of any kind.
  • The cost of the materials and labour charges for which any manufacturer may be held responsible under the terms of any guarantee or warranty.
  • Any damage or defect caused by peril capable of being insured under a household or similar policy of insurance whether such insurance is effective or not.
  • Replacement products, beyond the date on which the guarantee on the original products would have expired.
  • Cost resulting from the use of lifting plant, access plant, scaffolding or other types of equipment.
  • Cost of any building work, making good or repairing damage however arising.


The customer shall have no claim pursuant to this guarantee unless:

  • Full payment for the installation has been made within 14 days of practical completion.
  • Normal and reasonable maintenance is undertaken.
  • Any alleged defect is reported to the installer in writing immediately upon its discovery.
  • Notice in writing is given to the installer before the installation is disturbed in any way apart from any emergency action whether in the course of inspection or otherwise to enable the installer to investigate the alleged defect.
  • The customer agrees to the rectification of the defect being executed by the installer.

The guarantee is not transferrable and shall be in addition to and not in substitution of your legal rights and remedies.