Stained Glass

At Willowbank we understand that existing features are precious to you. You can keep the features you love and preserve the character of your home by easily restoring and incorporating it into your new design.

We can arrange for your existing stained glass features to be incorporated into your new PVC-U windows or doors or even work with you on brand new designs, totally unique to you.

If your house has been modified and you have lost some original stained glass features we can also arrange for replica pieces to be made especially for your property.

Willowbank works with a Lancashire based artisan, established in 1989, who specialises in the restoration and creation of traditional stained glass, leaded lights, etched and brilliant-cut flat glass.

All work is completed in-house and you can be assured of high class workmanship every step of the way – from the initial design, measuring for your new units, through to the final fitting.

No job is too big or small – our stained glass colleague has worked on individual leaded window lights to the complex restoration of a beautiful church stained glass window. His knowledge of stained glass windows on the Fylde and the stories depicted in the designs is something to behold!

 We take care of your original Stained Glass

Please NOTE – it is not as simple as replacing your windows with exactly the same size openings as this could lead to your stained glass being reduced considerably in width or height.

At Willowbank we will work with our stained glass expert to minimise any reduction in size of the original stained glass – we do this by creating totally bespoke frames for your property.

 How is it done?

  • We will carefully remove the stained glass from existing wooden or PVC-U frames and temporarily reglaze the frame.
  • Our stained glass expert will then restore the stained glass design, including replacing any existing damaged segments.
  • After a thorough clean the stained glass is encapsulated into a double glazed unit ready to be fitted into your new frames.
  • Once the glass is ready (approximately 2-3 weeks) your new frames and glass units will be fitted to your property.

 Benefits of restoring your stained glass

  • Retains the character of your home
  • Protects your precious stained glass – encapsulation provides a clean and protective environment
  • The use of latest energy-efficient glass helps to keep the heat in and your energy costs down
  • Your security is increased by encapsulating the stained glass in a double glazed unit increases strength
  • Original and new stained glass character windows and period features increase the value of your home